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Our Products


  Unilock is an innovative leader in the manufacturing and marketing of the highest quality concrete products for the professional landscape and construction industry in North America.

Rosetta Hardscapes

  New for 2015 Rosetta Hardscapes. Michigan made paver and wall stone products.


  12 Distinct varieties of wood mulch, fine texture and great color available in 1 to 140 yard loads. We produce and ship all of our mulch for quality and consistency.

Weed Barrier

  Geo textiles, 3oz spunbond Great for planting areas, low foot traffic areas. 4.1oz woven, great for driveways, boulder walls. All come in 3‘x50’ to 12‘x300’ rolls.

Decorative Materials

  We carry 20+ varieties of aggregate from 3/8” to 4” to 8” in many colors, shapes and sizes. All natural product.

Natural & Driveway Stone

  Natural stone from 3/8” to 3” round or crushed. Limestone from dust to 3”, washed or with fines, recycled concrete in 2 sizes and recycled asphalt.


  We have 3 types of locally mined silica, sharp(2NS), mason, fill sand, and also manufactured slag sand or limestone sand.

Growing Materials

  Screened Topsoil, Michigan Black Peat or leaf compost. We can mix these products or custom blend to your needs.


  Many shapes and sizes from 8” to 6’ and larger. Michigan fieldstone, Pink Dolomite(Picture Rock), Mystic (Black), Holy Boulders. All sold by the pound or ton. We can deliver anything we sell.


  Wallstone from hand stack size Penn Wallstone to 6’ outcroppings, a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs.

Patio Stones

  12”x12” to 24”x24” in a wide variety of colors and textures. Also Cinder Block and Splash Blocks.

Bagged Products

  Quickqrete, Concrete Mix, Portland Cement, Polymeric Sand and Playsand.


  We carry lawn edging in aluminum or Poly. Very flexible and easy to work with. Brick edging also in aluminum or Poly.

Drain Pipe

  Advanced Drainage System products. 4” corrugated pipe in solid, Perf, Socked tile. Sold 12’, 18”, 24” diameters in 20’ sections or cut to length. Channel Drains or Catch Basins. 24” Riser Lids and Grates.

Grass Seed

  Sunny Mix, Shady Mix, Kentucky Blue, Creeping Red Fescue, Perennial Rye and Annual Rye. Straw Mulch in rolls or bales along with EZ Straw. Hydoseed Mulch, Starter Fertilizer and we also rent a Hydro Seeder.

Concrete Products

  Concrete steps in 3’ to 6’ lengths, up to 4H risers. 8’ Bumper blocks and also concrete block in various sizes.

Steel Culverts

  In stock we carry 12” corrugated in 6’ to 24’ lengths. We also stock 18” and 24” diameter in limited lengths or we can order specific sizes.

Fire Rings

  Steel Corrugated rolled top edge in 12” High form 24” to 60” diameter.